Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fond Moments

Window shopping and malling is one of the fun and interesting hobby I had when I was in the Philippines. When Jim was there, he was so shocked at how crowded the mall gets. He thought the owners of the shops must have a lot of sales everyday. Even the food courts are so busy. I just ignored his comment because I know malling and shopping is not a guy thing. He probably doesn’t go to their mall that often.

True enough, I found out that the malls are not so crowded here. During weekends, it gets so busy though and a lot harder to park. But still, it’s not as fun and as exciting as it is in the Philippines. People go to malls because they need to buy something. Oh well, that’s the main purpose of building a mall, anyway, lol! I was just saying that in my country, people go to the mall for fun and not primarily for buying something. It was even confusing to me when Jim told me we’re going to the market. Oh yeah? I thought you have a market in your mall? Ah, what? In the mall? It was funny at first.

Then, I met some Filipina friends. We get along really good- basically because we speak the same dialect. Every time we decide to meet, we just hang around at the house. Again, not a usual thing when you’re in the Philippines. But then, things are so different- of course. We just cook something to eat and maybe watch a movie or have some karaoke-time. Oh, if you’re away from your family and you’re just trying to build a new life in a new environment; having friends is really a great help. I’m so grateful to have found simple, beautiful and smart friends.

Now that we have moved to a new building, I was thinking of how to get away for a lunch date with my girl friends. Apparently, the Filipino store & restaurant is just a few corners and we don’t have to cook anymore, haha! Well, Jim and I agreed that it’s helpful for me to have a life outside marriage too especially that we both work together and we see each other often. Although, I would say that I miss that morning coffee he always brings to bed. I get to bed earlier than him now. I just don’t want Andy to be waiting for me to process the orders for the day. Oh, did I mention before that we should go to work earlier once we moved? Nah, the most is still 10AM. Bad employees, eh? I really tried my best to sleep as early as possible but I guess, it’s a lot harder to adjust now. 1AM is still a little early for us, hmmmm…

Wishing everybody a great weekend ahead:)


5 Grateful Heart's Words:

Psychic said...

Great story there. I wish I can go shopping too this weekend but my budget is getting short so i still have to wait till next weekend.

Mel Alarilla said...

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""rare*jonRez"" said...

yeah the malling thing, it's indeed way different dun sa atin and here. hehe... dami ngang tao sa mall, yung mga nagbebenta, wala naman masyadong kita! lols

btw, do u speak bisaya? kind regards!

SHIELA said...

yes you are right sha. you need life outside your marriage as well. but how about a baby soon? para dili na kaayo ka mingawon :)

Shawie said...

hi, guys...thanks for the drop:)
@psychic: i'm just saving my money for the Black Friday, hahaha!