Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Cowboy Story

I was sorting through my mailbox and found this letter from Jim (now my husband). It was kind of funny that I thought of sharing the story he narrated. It’s been over 4 years of knowing each other and so far, nothing has changed. We remained great friends and great lovers, lol! It’s one of those few emails we have exchanged on the early stage of friendship. So, here’s the story…

I forgot to tell you something that happened that reminded me of you and I.
When I was in the airport going to Chicago I saw a man that really stood out in the crowd. He was about 75 and dressed like an authentic cowboy. He had a cowboy hat, big cowboy belt, boots and cowboy shirt. You can tell a real cowboy when his name is carved in his leather belt, haha. Everyone else was dressed in street clothes so he was quite noticable.
It just happened that he sat next to me in the flight. Turned out that he lives in Iowa and raised horses for a living and was a retired rodeo clown.
The part that reminded me was he said that when he was young he lived in a tiny town, far in the country and tiny population. He said there were only 2 pretty girls in town and they were twin sisters. So, he married one and his brother married the other one. Funny, huh?
I asked him who got the prettiest sister and he said "We both did. They're twins and after 52 years still the prettiest girls in town".
Anyway, that was kind of a nothing story but I thought it cute. Chat with you tomorrow.

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