Saturday, November 1, 2008

Just Another Day

It’s unbelievably a lot of work tearing the desk apart, the computer parts, moving it to another building and putting it all together. Wished somebody can design computer parts that are all wireless. Hmmm, that would be very neat.

Hopefully, everything will be up and running in the new building tomorrow as all my files are out of control now. I just love the thought that I don’t have to work at home anymore. We just have to adjust our schedule. That would mean, we have to sleep earlier, no more late-night work and wake up early. I love the freedom of blogging, dropping EC’s on the wireless laptop while watching The Filipino Channel, lol! I just don’t like the soap operas though; it’s annoying, predictable and so overbearing.

Okay, enough of that. Happy Tuesday all!

4 Grateful Heart's Words:

jamirdesign said...

that would be great. but Jim needs to stay with me for work. Haha!

Shawie said...

LOL, Jason...he can't work at home anymore, hmmmmp... we're both using the laptop now till we get the new computers before the end of the month, whew! so busy lately here:(

Allan Barredo said...

just saying hi :)
... stumbled upon your blog ...

Mik said...

Wow someone has an awesome TV!

Here via Entrecard.