Monday, November 10, 2008

Bloggers Unite "Get Involved"

Bloggers Unite

My Dentist is Persian and he hired this Persian lady as a Dental Assistant. After 3 years, her working visa expired and she needs to go back to Iran. She was so panicked because she will be persecuted if they’ll find out about it. So, she was thinking of applying as a refugee or an asylum but then she doesn’t have enough time to do the whole process. She will face a deportation. I was so shocked to know how a person can be killed just because she was working in America.

Anyway, today is a big day for bloggers to raise their concern and prayers for all refugees around the globe hoping that our voices be heard or even in the most silent and peaceful way, we are able to help change the lives of people who are victims and slaves. Our world is an imperfect place to live but I believe we can make an impact in our own little way. It’s either we just pretend it doesn’t exist or we can do something about it. A big journey always starts with a single step.

Here’s a sad story I read from U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants:

"They beat me every time I made a mistake. They beat me with their hands and feet. They beat me with metal bars, about this size and this size…" showing that it was the length of his hand, and then his arm. "They would throw pieces of chain at me", he said. Sometimes there would be blood all over".

"There were 5 of us slaves - two others from Thailand and another three from Cambodia. They killed 3 of us. They killed the first person about a month after we set out to sea. This guy had bought some whiskey at the port, and when he ran out of alcohol, he couldn’t work as hard. They were really angry. So they took him to the front of the boat and beat him every day. He was very afraid. One day, after beating him up, they threw him overboard. But he could swim a bit, so he swam back to the ship. They called to him. “Come, come” they said. So he swam back, but when he tried to board the ship, they beat him with spades, so he fell down into the water. Again he swam and he tried to climb up, but this time they beat him with hooks. There was blood all over. He fell back into the sea and was unconscious for about 15 minutes, just floating. The third time, he swam back but dare not climb up, so he was just clinging to the fishing net by the side of the boat. This was when one of them climbed down and stabbed him in the throat with a small knife"


4 Grateful Heart's Words:

Eddie said...

I will kneel down and pray, my heart goes out to all affected.

earthlingorgeous said...

Wow! That was something, did I get it right they will kill her if her visa expired? or the Persian government will kill her for staying in U.S.?

RecycleCindy said...

I followed your link over from BlogCatalog and just wanted to comment that that your post for Bloggers Untie Day is wonderful. Such moving stories that tell the terrible things that are happening. Thank you for blogging about this important cause. God Bless,

Shawie said...

thanks for dropping by, guys:)
@earthlingorgeous: I believe & as what I've understood, the government will persecute her if they'll find out that she worked here in the US...that's why she can't go back to Iran.