Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Beyond Expectation

There’s just so much to enjoy and discover about Hawaii. At first few days, I was so fascinated with the whole exploration and I even considered it a time travel. The coconuts, the flowers, the mountains, the sea… ah, the magnificent views are so similar to the small island where I came from. Not until the last days, I realized there’s so much more in Maui, Hawaii that our island doesn’t have. The stunning sunsets, the evergreen scenery, misty mountains, rainbows, perfect weather, idyllic beaches, mesmerizing music, expressive hula dances and plummeting cliffs. I could on and on. The place is indeed beyond paradise! There is profound peace and majestic contrasts. It’s definitely grand in nature’s gifts.
(Lana-i beach with Manele Bay in background)

I could say that the highlight on our 12-day vacation was whole-day trip to Lanai Island (thanks to Trilogy). We did snorkeling and toured around the small village up in the mountain. The island was owned by James Dole of Dole Food Company in 1922 and developed a large portion of it into the world's largest pineapple plantation. I was even more surprised to know that 70% of the population is Filipinos. Now, I had connected the dots of our family roots. My grandpa’s brother was one of those that were hired for the pineapple plantation back in 1930’s. Suddenly, I felt more connections. Well, cheesy as it may sound but that’s how I felt. The hibiscus flowers, the small houses that remained unlocked, one gas station, few smaller stores, and people speaking Tagalog, kids smiling and waving as they see tourists. It was very mysterious and yet so serene place to live. Although, there’s not much going on in the island, I could tell there are tons of reasons why most people choose to stay. What’s more surprising to me is their weather, it’s really nice up there! Not so hot, not so cold. Presently, the island is owned by Southern California’s David Murdock as a result for his purchase of Castle & Cooke. It must be tough to switch the villagers from pineapple farmers to being in the hospitality jobs. There’s only about 3,000 population though and guess what? They all know each other and perhaps they had to look for husband/wife somewhere as they may all be related, lol! I just can’t believe I was so fascinated with the island’s history!
(the only gas station in the village)

(this place brings back a lot of fun-filled childhood memories)

Anyway, I’m so happy to be back blogging. I’ll share more experiences later.

Just a Quick Note

I would like to apologize to my avid followers. I know there’s still some, hehehe… I have been caught up with work lately. We came back on my birthday. Yeah, I spent my 32nd birthday at the back of the plane, lol! Good thing, it’s from Hawaii. I haven’t had a chance to blow my birthday candle but I did open my surprise present from my husband (of course) which I personally picked a month before. Yes, that’s a lot of surprise for me, lol! I loved my new Cartier watch, very simple yet elegant.

Anyway, our Christmas sales started right after we arrived from vacation. That’s why we took that vacation in the first place (wink). It was a perfect timing for us! We know it’s going to be a hectic weeks ahead of us. Aside from my daily routine at work, I helped A with his paperwork. It’s very tedious since one of our major accounts doesn’t have a distribution center. I worked 3-whole day for that since it has to be shipped right away. I couldn’t complain though, A had been sweating in the warehouse. He had more tough things to do. I’m just happy to assist him. And in a week, three- 40’ container arrived and most of the items will be shipped in 2 weeks. We’re darn full and to solve the problem, we rented two-40’ container and were parked right outside our warehouse. Oh boy… what else can I say? It’s a blessing! Thank God!

Oh, how I missed you all! I definitely will get back to you soon as I get a chance but for now, please accept my apologies! Hugs!!!