Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I have to come home from the office to open the doors for the furniture guys. After 6 weeks of waiting for the custom-made dining set, finally it arrived just a day before Thanksgiving. Well, we’re not hosting a party anyway. When I arrived home, the truck driver was taking a nap; I thought they’re about 30 minutes away. Anyway, they brought the chairs inside and finally the table. But the table is heavy that the bigger guy fell on his butt, he missed a step on the porch. The good thing though was that the table was sitting on his lap. I pretended not to see. I know it’s embarrassing to him. He kept explaining to me what happened and I didn’t seem to care It’s not comical that he was knocked down but it was funny that he became defensive. Oh well, the table and the chairs really looked good!Shawie

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