Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Being and Burden

I was at the market yesterday and in front of me was this skinny, older man. He bought a pack of mac&cheese at the Deli and asked for fork from the sales lady. Then, he was in front of me again at the cashier and grabbed a bottle of coke from the refrigerator. He looked so strange and I thought maybe I’ll just pay for his foods. But it might be insulting for him. I felt like my heart’s going to melt. I was expecting that maybe he will pay it with food stamp but no, he paid cash. Geeez, I felt so bad after that. I told my husband about the incident and he described him to me. He said, he felt bad too when he saw him once in the same market buying a piece of tomato, banana, carrot, etc. Then, he dropped a 20-dollar bill and pretended that it came from the guy’s pocket and gave it to him. Well, I don’t have any idea how he got into that situation but I sure hope life would be easier for him.

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