Thursday, August 21, 2008

Road Trips and Discoveries

I always love traveling especially on road trips. It’s very nice to see sceneries and some interesting lifestyles that you never thought could exist. Or something like an old house in a middle of a desert, junkie cars in the front yards with a small lake and a wave runner. When we had our very first road trip from Orange County to Fresno and spent the Christmas night there; I was very excited! I probably had taken a thousand of pictures! It was my very first time to experience snow in Yosemite. Oh, I was so happy to finally see a whole bunch of white thing laying on the edge of the road. I can’t believe those are snow, LOL!

I haven’t traveled a lot when I was a kid. We never go out on a family vacation. That’s just not a Filipino thing. We are but strangers to our own country. My first time to travel in a plane was when I went to Taiwan to work. My first time to stay in a hotel was when we had a college field trip. My longest trip was just going back and forth from the city (where I went to College) and back to the small island.

On my first day in Taiwan, I was looking for houses. It was so confusing to me because I never saw any front yards or any fancy houses with big gates. I finally realized that most people live in tall condominiums. Their living room is a garage at nights. Well, that’s practical, right?

When I came here in the US, I was so amazed at the wide roads. Even more surprised when I saw a lot of traffic lights on every corner. Wow! I don’t even see a traffic jam. (I didn’t realize though that we hit the roads at 2-3PM, LOL). Last week, we stayed in small town. It’s astonishing how a big lady can work in a front desk and never seen any traffic lights in every corners at all!

The whole experience of traveling to me is the best way to fully understand one culture and lifestyle. Even better way to reach out…


3 Grateful Heart's Words:

Pinay Jade said...

I love road trips too...we used to do a lot of road trips when we lived in Europe. In Singapore, most people also live in tall condominiums and apartment because there's not a lot of land here.

betchai said...

are the 4 pictures above yours? they're great. but your context picture for this post also perfectly fit your theme. anyway, i share your joy in road tripping too, there is always a lot of sceneries to be awed at and we tend to open our eyes more to the surrounding and environment we are visiting, and also our own. like you, i am a filipina too who grew up in the philippines and my first hotel experience was also on a college field trip :(

Nina said...

Our road trips of late are on the back of a Harley, hard to take photos from there! Interesting photo.

Thanks for stopping by my "Travel Blog", we didn't go back this year because of the exact reason, the dollar to pound exchange is beyond ridiculous and even if the hubby’s work is paying all the travel, lodging and meal expenses it’s still too expensive. It’ll probably be 2010 before we get to go back.