Thursday, August 21, 2008

Animal Instinct

Have you heard of a dog that doesn’t know how to swim or a dog that walks in the water?Unfortunately, our dog Jake is one of them, lol! Yap, he almost drowned himself, haha! We decided to bring Jake to the river as he never been on a long travel before. We were so excited to buy him his life jacket which he thinks not comfortable. On our first day, he was so thrilled to see the water. When the ride gets bumpy he hides his face at my back. He’s definitely terrified. He loved playing with his ring- that’s his favorite toy. So, we played with him, throw the ring to the water and hoping he would jump in. At first he tried and then was so scared when it gets deeper. And yet because he really loved chasing and playing with the ring- he had no choice but to get it. He had his back legs standing while the front legs up in the water. When it gets really deep, he tried swimming and he almost drowned. Gezzzzz! He forgot that he can swim lol! He was so tired when he gets back to the hotel. He had his own bed. We believed we made a mistake of bringing him. Poor little one!

1 Grateful Heart's Words:

SHIELA said...

very spoiled imong baby sha...paghimo na mo og tinuod nga baby :)

happy weekend.