Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More Cheap Shopping

We did some cheap shopping last weekend at the Thrift Store. I was a few minutes late though when Jim told me that there’s cheap, new shoes at the other side of the store. The Mexican lady had picked the good pairs already but still I’m grateful I had bought more than 15 pairs of kid’s shoes. Then on Sunday, we headed to some clearance sale in Target for nice clothes. We never really had enough time to go back home to change clothes for the Mass. It was a little bit embrassing to attend the mass with my flip flops, haha!
Well, I'm just happy that finally, my “balikbayan” box/package is full and it’s ready to go. The guy will pick it up tomorrow. I just love going on inexpensive shopping and hopefully, some kids in the neighbors (back in town) can have at least a pair of shoes.

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