Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pieces of Unwanted Gifts

Gifts are something that are acquired without compensation. It is meant to be free. Some gifts are nicely wrapped while some are not. Some gifts are being welcomed while mostly are rejected. Some value it the more while some needed it more. Some ignore it completely while others showing it off. It comes in all shapes, colors and sizes.

In my spiritual journey- the gifts are terribly, unlovely wrapped. The more I continue rejecting it, the more God continued giving it to me. These gifts are the gifts of hope, faith, grace, love and of life. At some point, I finally took it humbled by my own vulnerabilities. I never realized I desperately needed it then. He reminded me all over again the importance of those gifts in my journey. And that I have to express and nurture life and joy from the depths of my being. I never regretted opening those gifts :)

Along the way, those gifts has become a burden instead of a gift as I tried sharing those amazing gifts. It occurred to me how I rejected it before and how God kept giving it again and again. I know I must not keep it. I should use it and it should be given away. All the more I realize the challenge of having it - is giving it away.

I know I cannot make someone use it by imposing it to them but maybe I can keep offering it. Even after it has been rejected, even after it has been declined too many times, even if it has been misunderstood and understimated, I can still bestow the gifts in my own simple way.

2 Grateful Heart's Words:

the donG said...

The more I continue rejecting it, the more God continued giving it to me.>>> many times God works in mysterious ways.

SHIELA said...

maayo lagi ka sha mu mugna ay...you know what you can be a writer, tinuod jud :)

btw, i have a tag for you http://www.scatalan.com/2008/08/6-layers.html