Thursday, August 7, 2008

Love Your Neighbors

I always thought neighbors don’t really care, socialize or talk much here in the US. Yes, it's a fast lifestyle that nobody can afford to waste their time. That’s just what I heard of from “balikbayans” or Filipinos who come home for a vacation. Well, certainly not in our neighborhood, I guess. I remembered on my first Sunday- Wayne and Debbie, our next-door neighbor came knocking on the door with 2 plates of yummy foods for us! On my first day, we were outside doing some gardening with my husband when another neighbor across the street (now my Dentist) came to say “hi” and I was even surprised he already knew my name. Then, another neighbor (both lawyers) gave me a bouquet of flowers! That was very sweet! Last Saturday, we had dinner with another neighbor (across the street) at PF Chang’s as Jim opted that instead of a barbeque. They said, they’ve been trying to do it a year ago but everybody’s too busy.

I know, it’s all about my neighbors, LOL! I mean, it was a little bit surprising to me as it’s very far from my expectations. Sometimes, I would just interrupt my husband talking to a neighbor coz the dinner is ready and I don’t want it to get cold. It’s really amazing- how they manage to stop by and chat for a while after a long day of work. However, our neighborhood is not that close compared to Rick’s (Jim’s bestfriend) neighborhood. Every month, each neighbor will host a party. We were even invited twice already and I liked the warmth of friendship and brotherhood. I’m just so grateful to have found such great neighbors around. And if I need some Filipinos to talk to or hang out with? I’ve got a few good friends and neighbors too!

2 Grateful Heart's Words:

Hailey's Beats and Bits said...

sometimes, it is difficult to love thy neighbor if they refused to be loved! lol.

Vhiel said...

Hey missy got an award for you here..


Hope you have a great week so far.