Friday, August 29, 2008

Breaking Free

I just can’t believe a simple comment ended up in a heated conversation when Jim and I were watching news on CNN. Of course, the news is all about the unending drama of politics. I was so shocked at how McCain’s campaign compared Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton- just mere celebrity. It is a dirty tactic but of course it worked. I now understand how a junkie can grab attention too.

I was in disbelief when Jim questioned my perception of a Political Candidate like Obama. He said, I took him like a celebrity. It was offensive as I think it’s not his fault. Some people are just born gifted with charm and charisma. But the debate just went on of him talking without substance. I don’t know where it came from but I can relate to his struggles and life story- from humble beginnings to being a winner. I mean, you just can't compare somebody who is born with silver spoon and rise as a celebrity to somebody who started from scratch to being a man, a lawyer who believes in his dreams and inspired a lot of people. Of course, we all know politics. They play dirty, they play tough but who knows- there are still people who definitely had a good cause- to serve people.

When I bought the book “Living Faith”, I didn’t know that the author was an ex-President of United States. As I was reading all through pages, I finally realized what a big headache it is to be a President. Jim Carter unselfishly shares his struggles of a President, a politician and being a Christian at the same time. He is definitely rooted to his own values based on good judgments according to the Bible. However, imposing those values in a political arena is just so difficult.

I can’t vote and I’m no expert at all on all the issues between Republican and Democrats. I just take it as an spectator, observing things, opening my minds and judgments. I just thought how shallow it is to fear somebody because he’s gonna be like any Muslims only to find out he’s born and brought up with a Whitey Mom and Grandparents. Ah, people, racist, etc. Sometimes learning can happen in a most simple way- listening, emptying one mind from every clutter for even just a moment.

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