Monday, August 11, 2008

On Marriage and Online Dating

I have a friend who’s been so worried about her not getting married and her expiration is around the corner. I always hear those concepts while growing up. Somehow, it made a little impact on me. I was wondering- what’s wrong with being an old maid? Oh yeah, it’s not cool at all! It was even hilarious to know that in Taiwan, when you reach the age of 25, your value in the market becomes so low. I mean, I was so amused to hear my Taiwanese friend who’s been so panicked coz she’s already 24, still single and no boyfriend at all! She really went on a strict diet (so skinny) because that’s what sexy is to them. Amazing, eh?

It used to be a problem then in the Philippines when you’re already 30 or up and still single. Maybe the lady is the least affected with the idea; yet, the tremendous pressure and mockery from relatives and friends can be overwhelming.
The breakthrough of online dating came along. A lot of ladies decided to chat and find love online and broaden their options. Things have turned around so quickly after few years. Online dating or penpals used to be an awkward, unpopular or a low-class move. On ladies’ point view, that is. But to parents, they are so proud of their daughter! To most parents, it means more money and that they are already millionaire, LOL! You can hear a lot of bragging around and the envy neighbors would try to destruct the whole thing and make it sound so desperate and bad thing to do. It may not apply to all cases though. For ladies, it is a better way to go. Gone are the days when ladies would just say, “They don't care if they don't have enough money as long they're happy!” Maybe they realize how things will turn out when financial problems would pile up. Yes, for practicality's sake- they say.

You wonder how things work out now? My guy friend told me, it’s a little harder to find a pretty Filipina lady to date coz they’re all taken by foreigners, LOL! Well, the US Embassy in the Philippines is the second-busiest in the world next to Mexico. Yes, 80% of it is Fiancée and Immigrant Visa application. Oh, Jim and I were introduced by my sister and her husband and so there was some kind of personal introduction:) But we did go through all those chats, emails, etc. It was fun to know somebody from different side of the world and before you knew it, you become attached:)

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I as well thinks its pretty cool to chat with someone clear across the world, find that cultures are so different on living and such.. Your blog was interesting i liked it.