Sunday, August 10, 2008

Good Morning, Tate!

I love weekends because I can do a lot of things from cleaning my nails to cooking lunch. You know, I always wake up starving, lol! Jim doesn’t eat breakfast and will have his lunch around 2PM- so I always ended up eating my Filipino food as I don’t like sandwich that much. One breakfast menu that I missed so badly is the stir-fried bitter squash with scrambled egg, yum! We went to the Filipino store yesterday and I didn’t realize I bought a lot of Pinoy foods as I forgot to eat lunch. It’s not really a good idea to go shopping when your stomach is empty, disaster! Anyway, I’m glad I’ve found the vegetable! Here’s my presentation:)

I always use paper utensils coz I hate putting all the real, heavy utensils in the dish washer, hahaha! That’s just when I eat by myself though. Jim teases me a lot about my being so stingy, haha!


1 Grateful Heart's Words:

SHIELA said...

sha in ana pod among sud an gahapon ba :) ampalaya mixed with eggs :)