Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wanna Ride My Tri-Sikad?

I was so surprised to see a tri-sikad at the beaches in Santa Barbara. All this time, I thought it’s “only in the Philippines”. Then, we were in San Diego for the trade show and everybody’s looking so dignified with their business clothes and hurrying back to their hotels when I saw a parade of tri-sikad outside the huge Convention Center waiting for passengers. Wow! That was very amazing knowing that in the Philippines that’s just the cheapest transportation one can get (comparable to a taxi). No, not for executives! As I was trying to figure out if it’s real or not (still unbelievable to me, lol!)- I saw some lady drivers. No, they’re not gays! Amazing, eh?
It just reminded me of a careless tri-sikad driver back in CDO. He hit me on my back leg and my niece was bruised while we were walking along side the street. They’re kind of annoying on the road as it’s very narrow; yet, they’re a big help to people specially on rainy season.

Oh, did I tell you the meaning of tri-sikad? The word tri – from the prefix meaning three and sikad in English means pedal. In short, a three-wheeled "bike".

(this picture was taken in Santa Barbara)

2 Grateful Heart's Words:

Selerines said...

Hey that's nice.. I wanna ride it.. Just like bicycle right? Cool!!!!

the donG said...

galing naman. kasi parang kahit saan sa pinas may trisikad talaga. hehehe...