Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Be Kind to Animals

It was funny when a neighbor’s family came to visit the island. She was married and her kids grew up in Arizona. One time, the kids were running towards the house crying and screaming. They felt so bad seeing the carabao being beaten and carried a heavy load! The Mom, being a Filipina was so amused and all the relatives were laughing at them. I could see the disappointment in their face upon realizing they don’t get any sympathy from that. Everybody just thought it’s funny.

Carabao in the Philippines is known to be a National Animal. They are a big help for the farmers. They play a major role in agriculture especially in plowing the rice field. They can pull the cart used to haul farm produce to the market or as a means of transportation. In the Philippines, not too many farmers can afford to buy the new technology. In some places in Bohol, people slaughtered it. They serve it during fiestas as one of their best recipes. I never had eaten one though but my friend said- it’s really yum! Hmmm, I don’t know about that. She even told me how she tricked her boyfriend- telling him it’s a beef! Hahaha!

2 Grateful Heart's Words:

the donG said...

carabaos has served the pinoys so much. i hope we still have enough carabaos to make sure they will not be extinct.

Salamat said...

yap, they really did a great job specially for the traditional farmers:)