Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Earthquake in CA

Yesterday was my first time to experience earthquake here in California. My husband just told me, “Welcome to California”. Wow! I thought I’m done with the shakings of earthquake, LOL! I had experienced a lot of earthquakes in Taiwan when I was there and never did I get used to it. One time, it was quiet a big one that I really thought that was the end of my life.

Anyway, yesterday’s shaking had a magnitude of 5.4 that was experienced by Southern California. I was at Jim’s office and we were talking when suddenly we felt the shaking. Believe me; it’s always creepy when I hear the clatters and the building seemed to collapse. Then, they were talking about the “Big one” once again of which the theory has been around for 40 years. Nobody knows when it’s gonna happen. Oh well, I guess I have to live with the shaking every now and then for the rest of my life. Not a good thing to live with though, LOL.


3 Grateful Heart's Words:

Darlyn said...

its was predicted before that in july 18 Philippines had an earthquake

but maybe it occur in CA..

glad to hear all in Ca are safe :)

Merydith said...

Yes I have three blogs I was surprised you only have one :o) . Bitaw I am sending my sister to college taking nursing with my blogging earning. So the more blog the better. Kapoy usahay uy but when she is done I will definitely stop. Take Care!

Shawie said...

@darlyn: i think nobody can really predict an earthquake...I was in Pinas on a vacation that I received forwarded messages about an upcoming earthquake and turned out to be a hoax:( toink! Pinoy talaga, but we're glad we're safe:)
@ merydith: wow! that's very nice of you, girl! blogging is fun and when your sister's done, maybe you won't stop blogging anymore, hehehe...