Friday, July 25, 2008

i-Gossip on Glamour

I was just wondering what happened to Dayanara Torres? I was one of her big fan then when she hosted the show “ Eezy Dancing” in one of Philippine's televsion show. She’s really a great dancer- that's why she earned the title "Dancing Queen". It was just sad though when I heard the news that she and Marc Anthony (singer) broke up.

Her humble beginnings had drawn my curiosity and I thought she’s one of those talented and yet, modest celebrities. At age 17, she was approached while walking through the Plaza de Toa Alta in her hometown and was subsequently invited to represent Toa Alta in the annual Miss Puerto Rico Pageant. It was on the beauty pageant circuit that Dayanara Torres first made her mark. After earning the title of Miss Toa Alta (her hometown), Dayanara went on to become Miss Puerto Rico and then Miss Universe in 1993. In 1994 she went to Manila to crown the new Miss Universe. After the 1994 Miss Universe pageant, Torres received offers to endorse products. She made television appearances and landed several movie roles as well. She lived in the Philippines for five years, becoming a celebrity in the country. She also appeared in more than 10 movies and dated a Filipino actor, Aga Mulach which I remembered she said on an interview that he’s her first boyfriend. Well, she became Miss Universe at the age of 18.

Oh, what happened to her after her strange husband left her and married Jennifer Lopez- 4 days after the divorce? Well, news said- she’s now dating professional actor Amaury Nolasco of Prison Break. Good for her!

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