Thursday, July 31, 2008

For the Love of Ball

I was once a big PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) and NBA fan! I remembered fighting with my 7-year old niece with the remote control coz he wanted to watch the cartoons on TV. I even remembered betting with my cousins and classmates in college for my favorite team- Alaska. Oh yeah, I have those post cards in my bed room. Whenever I go to the library (college days), the first thing that I’m looking for is the newspaper and just flip directly to the Sports Edition, haha! I really love reading the good comments from the press people and get pissed when they’re attacking my PBA heroes, LOL! Those days are just so unbelievably fun, fun! I even went all the way to the gymnasium, to the house of Jojo Lastimosa in Cagayan de Oro (when they visit the city on a tour) just to see the players and have my diary be autographed. Oh my goodness, I could go on and on for these.

I believe I even gotten that far, from reading newspapers to tabloids and even to the collection of old Sports magazines in the library-digging those entire PBA superstars! I was an Alaska die hard fan then. My cousin hate it everytime we watch the game as I scream a lot, hahaha! I didn’t even realize I was able to know the game so very well. The basics or even the advanced “triangle offense” strategy being used by Coach Phil Jackson (Chicago Bulls) and was implemented by Coach Tim Cone (Alaska). And oh, I felt like I’m the happiest creation alive at the time when they won the Grand Slam in 1996.
It just makes me smile every time I remember those days! It’s really fun to be young. Now, when I watch basketball games- it doesn’t interest me that much anymore. The love of the game is still there though but I don’t see it the way I did- 10 years ago. Oppps, I’m still young, ok?

Basketball is definitely the most popular sports in the Philippines. Most of the import/foreign players would love to play in the hard court because they felt like a superstar or a Michael Jordan.


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the donG said...

totoo yan kasi kahit saan sa pinas may basketball ring!

Shawie said...

grabe, that's what Jim noticed, there's always one ring in almost every corner, haha!


I am no sports fan but can honestly say that I do enjoy basketball very much as well!

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i have to give you this Special Someone Online Award! blessings!

Hailey's Beats and Bits said...

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