Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Day Unto Day

I’m not feeling well lately because of the dry cough and runny nose. It’s funny when I decided to see a doctor that’s when my cough calmed down. Yet, I still have to know if I got the infection since it’s been going on for a while. I never had this kind of problem before. I used to work long hours (even 24 hours) and stayed awake for the whole 36 hours. Ah, very abusive, huh? Well, I guess- I’m getting older, hahaha!
Anyway, I’m very excited for the road trip once again. We are going to spend the weekend holiday in Lake Mead, hmmm…. I’m very excited at the same time; I don’t want to get so damn dark, hahaha! I might bring my mask to hide from the sun. It’s really amusing how things work. Most white Americans- they just wanted to be tan while most Asian ladies- we all wanted to have a fairer complexion and that’s beautiful to us :) Life is hard, lol!

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