Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Comics as An Art

Based on the movie: Batman- The Dark Knight’s huge success- it’s undeniable that comics is still so popular and largely accepted by the general public.

Honestly, I never was a comic-addict. I mean, it wasn’t long ago when people in our town has been so addicted with comic booklets. They’re everywhere in the market, in the ferry boats and even in school. Okay, I would say, our town was kind of remote then when I was a kid. There was no TV- thus, making the soap operas on the radio and comic booklets such a hit. Oh, I even remembered how my classmate oftentimes came in late in school because he doesn’t want to miss the episode and that he’s worried somebody might borrow it. Did I tell you that comic booklets are displayed in the market and they are for rent? You might think it’s funny but that’s how it worked. They are just cheap maybe but not too cheap if you want to buy the whole edition, LOL! Oh, one more thing- did you know that one of my grade school teacher was so addicted to it that she doesn’t mind squatting on the floor in the market just to read her favorite story? Crazy, huh? I mean, I was young then but I thought that was hilariously stupid, LOL! Yes, we do have our own Comic Super Heroes too!

Kids just loved watching those. My niece and nephew oftentimes would narrate to me (on the phone)- what happened to their favorite Super Hero “Kapitan Boom”, haha! I don’t have any idea though what they’re talking about. Ah, the spirit of being a kid!

2 Grateful Heart's Words:

the donG said...

that's cool! borrowing comics as if you were borrowing a vcd/dvd from a video shop.

Shawie said...

yap, kahit butas-butas na at luma, sige pa rin, lol!