Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wake Up & Smell the Flowers

It’s been a week that I have been telling my husband that the bonus room smells so good. He just told me that he sprayed the ants that have been coming unto the bathroom. We don’t stay that much in the room lately- so lazy and have been eating out, lol! Every time I sit on the sofa, I smelled the same scent like a flower- reminds me of an Ilang-Ilang. The whole room really smelled good. One night, I kept sniffing around and finally found this beautiful flower at the back of the Dracena plant! It’s facing the window so we didn’t see it.
Jim was so amazed; he never thought the plant can have flowers! He even wrote a book about it and some other plants (it sold million copies too). My Mom told me it is good luck, hmmm…

However, the bad news though is that his Elm Bonsai experienced the winter season too. This time, it gets really bad. This was given to him by a Japanese business associate (supplier) 15 years ago.
He got really panicked about it but we’ve seen some signs of new leaves though. Hopefully, it will be better by spring time. If not, it could be a bad omen- he said.

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