Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Movie Dates

Last night, we watched this movie: Slumdog Millionaire, an Indian production which is such an excellent movie. The plot of the story is very unique and interesting. Wished Filipinos can produce such kind. It felt as though Philippines have been behind any other Asian countries for the last 20 years. First, it was Japan, then Taiwan, now it's China...soon Vietnam, India & Thailand. Everybody's been talking about developing Vietnam and more businesses from the US go to their country due to cheaper labor but where's Philippines? My country seemed all stuck in the same spot; it can't even get the whole percentage of the call center business of which many have been bragging that they're way better English-speaking than Indians, hmmmmppp...

Anyway, the movie is really great and it’s pretty amazing how the two brothers been able to survive with all their resourcefulness despite the absence of parents at a very young age. I love exploring some other cultures and the movie had explained a lot about how hard it is- living in a third world country.

I have never seen a good movie for a long time. It seemed as though some movies are a total rip off but anyway there are some good movies showing on 25th. Hmmm, there’s one that we thought might be good too.

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