Thursday, December 11, 2008

Coins and More Coins

The very first day I arrived in Taiwan, the supervisor gave me $2,000NT. She said that would be my allowance for the whole month before I’ll receive my first paycheck. I was all so excited even though it’s not that much. That was my very first job. We live in a condo with roommates, a living room, dining room, kitchen and laundry area. It’s pretty much a good life for me coz we never had those advanced machines way back home, haha! Foods are being provided in the company and so I was able to save some money from that allowance.

The next week, I already know how to buy from the flea market. Well, I only learned pretty much the basic language and most common greetings. I learned how to count the money at the first week of my stay. Although, I had a hard time adjusting to the prices of their goods. I just keep converting it to peso and most of the time, I ended up not buying anything coz it’s all so expensive to me, lol! I have tried eating their foods and made some friends. Eventually, it became like a second home to me.

Anyway, I’ve been here in the US for exactly 21 months but I still had a hard time counting the coins. I never cared at first. My husband does all the errands and groceries and even when I’m with him most of the time and he teaches me a lot; still, some things never register in my mind. Now, that I’m doing all the marketing but still I had a hard time counting the coins, gezzzz. And so what I did is just keep all the change and put it in the box together with all the receipts. So, here’s what I got:
The bottle of coins was from the funny gifts my husband gave to all of us from the Christmas party (last year). I went to the CoinStar last weekend and I got $117 from my collection, awesome! I had sold 4 of the telephones at my eBay store, hmmmm... I had some money for the holiday shopping:) Sweeeeet!:)

2 Grateful Heart's Words:

the donG said...

wow! that's about P5000++! just in time for the holidays.

Madz said...

Hiya there, have linked u in sa 3 blogs ko! please check them out & hope you'll add back... Thanks a lot.. Have a wonderful weekend!!

Thank you in advance.