Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Weird Weather

No, this can’t be true! I thought A was teasing on me. They know that I really get excited when I see snow, lol! Well, we don’t have it in the island.

I arrived at the office this morning with this pile of ice on the parking lot. I looked at the sides and I saw some pieces of ice. I was so confused. It could be that B was true when he said, it was hailing (last week). Yes, I took a picture of it right away, hahaha!
After few minutes, as I turned on my computer it rained so hard. Then, I finally got excited to see that indeed it hailed. Yap, another shot for that at A’s car, hahaha!
My husband is still sleeping at home and so I called my Pinay friends instead. They were all so excited too! Jinks had never seen a snow before and she was so surprised to see pieces of ice all over their place. Ah, weird weather. And that’s me… a “weather man” as what my husband calls me.


4 Grateful Heart's Words:

SHIELA said...

hehehe. basin mapuli ka ni ernie baron ha. weather weather laang :)

Shinade said...

I know it is weird I just posted the pictures from the tornado that hit close to us last week. Tornadoes in February are very rare.

It looks like you guys enjoyed it though!

Cacai_Nad said...

"weather man" jud Te Shaw? heheheh.. that was fun! I wonder if we have it here in Alhambra too since we're just in neighboring city. I would have to play in it if I saw in here.. well, I will wake up early tomorrow to see if we have it here too! what a cool news! nice!

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