Monday, February 23, 2009

Busy Days

“So, was it worth that drive?” B asked. He might be thinking it's so ridiculous driving 30 minutes just to eat lunch in Cerritos. Yes, I was ambushed by my girl friends at work today. We decided to head Jollibee for lunch. Jollibee is a McDonald version for Filipinos with sweet spaghetti. Actually, we were hoping to grab some bibingka (rice cake), my favorite Filipino delicacy but it’s way too far to continue driving.

Oh, I haven’t updated this blog nor visited my blogger friends. I do apologize for that. The weekend just passes by so quickly but it was a good thing to recharge again. I had movie date with Faye last Friday. The “Confessions of a Shopaholic” was a cute movie and fun. Another movie on Friday night at home “The Family that Preys” on OnDemand. Jim stayed home all afternoon on Saturday waiting for Rafael while I spent most of my time at the gym and the bookstore. We decided to remodel the bathroom in the master’s bedroom first instead of doing the carpet and the kitchen. It would be nice to get rid of the tub (we both don’t take a bath in there, lol). It would be nicer to have a steam shower especially for me who loves taking a long hot shower every night.

Anyway, Saturday’s highlight was the movie “Madea”. Very sensible and witty movie. Kudos to Mr. Tyler Perry. I think I’m a big fan of him now, lol. I had watched his interview on Larry King and his words were very impressive. Yes, whattaman! As what Larry said.

Sunday was still a little busy. I was hoping I can laze around and watch my Filipino Channel but we went to Home Expo and look for some discounted kitchen appliances instead (the store is closing in few weeks). Anyway, I think I haven’t watched any of the Filipino shows for ages now. I was even thinking of cutting off my TFC subscription but my husband thought it’s fine. I’m just not a TV person at all. After dinner, we took advantage of Big Lots 20% off. We just shipped the 2 boxes full of Spam, canned goods to Philippines. Now, we’re trying to fill more boxes for Christmas.

It’s been so busy as always but it sure is nice to have something to be busy about. I hope all is well to all of you.

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