Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tough Economic Times

“Sir, I just came from Minnesota and I have three kids without a home now. If you could help me, I would really appreciate it”, the lady begged. A skinny lady, probably on her late teens approached my husband on his way out from Staples. It was sad to know and so Jim grabbed money from his pocket. He’s sorting through his cash (he’s not into credit cards) in front of the lady. He looked through a few 1-dollar bills, 5-dollar bill and then more 100-dollar bills. He gave the 5-dollar bill to her. Much to his surprise, she didn’t accept it. “Sir, I want a warm bed”, she flirted.

Awwww! We are all laughing when my husband told us the story when he gets back to the office. So, did you bring her to the hotel? Everybody’s teasing at him.

Last week, my brother-in-law called and told Jim that he received a call from his ex-wife whom he never heard of for almost 10 years. She was kind of nuts and left him after a year of marriage. Then, suddenly she called Rob and asked him if she could borrow money. Awwww… he hanged up after hearing that.

Well, to some people it may seem depression while some felt more blessed. Good for those who worked so hard (some are even working long hours with 2 jobs). Good for those who saved their money. Good for those who have a good and excellent work ethics.

Much of this economic crisis is psychological. Pres. Obama is right, make it an opportunity to change and grow from being sloppy spender to being smart saver.

“So far, we’re so lucky and blessed”, my husband kept telling me that. Our products are selling good in Bed Bath &Beyond and we’re proud to know that it’s the first pet toy that the company had put in their shelf (pet toy category). Walgreens orders are growing each week which is so great! Our plush toys are best-seller at PetSmart too and even made to their homepage last week.
Oh, we’re so grateful to have the business growing despite the economic setbacks.

5 Grateful Heart's Words:

Gina Alfani said...

You are a beautiful person with so much inspiration . . . continue to be grateful for everything that is truly important in your life :-)

I love finding other bloggers who practice gratitude.

God Bless You!


es said...

you and your hubby have a generous heart. ang mga tao talaga ano, kung ano anung raket nalang maisip. kala ko sa pinas lang 'yan!hehe

by the way, i have an award for you sha. hope you find time to grab it.:)

Hi! I'm Grace said...

A thankful heart, creates a thankful home. Filled with love and understanding, so that grace may abound. A thankful heart, break down the walls of doubt, 'cause overcoming with the problem, begins with the thankful heart.

Bryan Karl said...

"Much of this economic crisis is psychological." I like that line! Very fitting.

Dorothy L said...

Good Day...It is good to hear positive thoughts about our economy. We must use what we have to make the best of a bad situation.
If we do nothing but sit around and expect others to do it for us we will get nowhere.
It is all about positive action on our own behalf that will make the difference.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts!