Thursday, February 26, 2009


I have had problems of sleeping for the past few weeks. I noticed I don’t take naps anymore. It might be because I’m too busy at work and some other things. I even go to the gym to solve the problem but it didn’t help. I’m such a good sleeper ever since I remember and I missed those nights.

I was trying to figure out what went wrong along the way. I used to drink one cup of coffee during breakfasts. I occasionally drink Coke.

I did a little research about my problem and I found out that I drink too much coffee now hoping that would wake me up but it’s dragging me instead. I only not drink 4 cups of coffee everyday; I drink a lot of Diet Coke too and hardly drink water. Oh, I’m such a poor girl living in a hazardous lifestyle. I just give up a little bit of coffee when I throw up or having a heartburn but that’s easily resolved by taking Tagamet.

Too much of a lousy lifestyle- it’s time to start all over again. I had to cut my caffeine intake. Simple as it seems but when you’re addicted- ah, such a hard habit to break.

I used to be so happy having a good night sleep- meaning, having 8 hours of sleep or more everyday. Now, I’m contented with 7 hours and sometimes less. If I get so tempted at least, I had “Dunkin Donuts Decaf” in the pantry and I’m loving the taste.


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