Sunday, February 8, 2009


“I’m sorry, I’m a little shaky today. I have not done this for 2 years” said the priest. A skinny, tall guy and probably in his late 70’s. He reminds me of an Irish priest when I was a kid who was assigned in our church and says the mass in our dialect (Cebuano)- he’s very articulate and yet so funny when he pronounces the words.

His little helper was Jink’s step-daughter and he bosses her around like his own little girl. Then, the baptism began. Josh was laughing when the priest soaked his head with water. He loved taking a bath. And the ceremony was done. All the friends, families and godparents took pictures. While somebody’s taking our photos, I saw the priest was helped by the older lady who sat next to me on the pew. Oh, maybe he’s too old to change his costume. She helped him in putting his coat too. That’s very nice of her but I don’t think that’s appropriate. I wondered.

We drove separately to the reception area which is few minutes away. I was so excited to see all the different seafood. I have never been to the place- it’s a buffet. Yes, no diet for me today, hahaha!

I saw the priest sitting and eating with us on the same table. Oh, I didn’t know that priest can go and socialize too with the parents and guests after the baptism. Things are not different at all in the Philippines, I quipped.

“That’s Jink’s father-in-law!” D told me laughing. Ouch, I felt so bad for judging him. I remembered Jink’s told me that her Father-in-Law is a Deacon and her in-laws are Irish. It didn’t occur to me though since they’re living in AZ.

Anyway, here’s a group picture from yesterday's baptism. Happy Sunday!

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SHIELA said...

Sha dili diay katoliko, mao na :)

Nag ninang ka? Ako sab ganina. I will post some photos later og dili tapulan...hehehe.

GAGAY said...

ate a valentine tag for you at

hope u can do it..ty!


es said...

nice sharing. you know i always love to hear stories about Filipinos living abroad.Your lifestyle there esp. when talking about religion. By the way sha, I am a borne catholic and my mom is a devotee. Thanks for your thoughts ha!:)

Rolly said...

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