Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Magic of Technology

Whew! You just don’t know how scared I was yesterday when I carelessly uninstalled one program. It took me an hour trying to make it work again. My second monitor was just black and all icons moved! I can’t believe- how stupid I was, hahaha! Okay, I uninstalled a driver that I’d no clue about. Ah, technology! One minute it’s heaven, one minute it’s hell, hmmmm.

I remembered how my friend cried over a break-up email. Of course, goodbyes are hard and it’s a lot harder when it’s said on an email or worse; on text message or chat and never will you ever hear from- again. The world just gets smaller everyday. Communication is really fast these days. A lot of misunderstanding can happen in a matter of seconds. Or a love can blossom at the span of hours of chatting or changing text messages. Wait a minute, is it really love? Then, you can just hear stories of early pregnancies. How did they meet? Oh, they’re text mates. Well, in the Philippines- most people just loved new trends of technology. I can’t even believe an officemate borrowed money just so he can buy the new model of Nokia. To each it’s own, yeah. It just doesn’t make sense.

Anyway, I just wondered how it’s gonna be in the next 50 years? Maybe humans can be named and identified through their IP Addresses, hahaha! Okay, I have to stop; I’m too scared to go that far :)

2 Grateful Heart's Words:

Da Old Man said...

It wouldn't surprise me. Technology is moving so incredibly quickly. My grandfather died in 1969. I doubt he would recognize much of today's world.

Salamat said...

Yes, right... My husband's Dad was into looking and researching his ancestry and he would happy to know that it's a whole lot easier these days through Internet:)