Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Glimpse of Power

"There are 2 types of power: Political Power and Spiritual
Power. Political power is the capacity to coerce others, overtly or covertly,
to do one’s will. This capacity resides in a position, or else in money.
Spiritual power, however; resides entirely within the individual and had nothing
to do with the capacity to compel others. It is the capacity to make decisions
with maximum awareness or consciousness. "
-Dr. Scott Peck

I was 9 when I began to get interested in politics. It was when I always go with my Mom when they have seminars and caucuses. She was a speaker for the PDP-Laban Party. It was very chaotic in the Philippines during the Martial Law of Marcos regime. After the snap election, there have been changes in the Constitution; thus, there was a massive seminar to places that cannot be reached with the news on TV.
I can’t forget the speeches of Pedro Romualdo, now became the long-time Congressman (Governor, as well) for the province of Camiguin. His credits were so impressive coming out from a humble beginning. He worked hard for his Law degree on a scholarship granted by the University of the Philippines at the same time, being a shoe-shine and janitor in the mornings. No doubt, he is a great speaker. At a very young age, I was able to pull out my inspirations and promised to myself that I have to have something to prove to myself.
Now, coming here in the “Land of America” and watching all the news on TV about the upcoming elections; I can’t help but remember those days when I was just a little girl- listening to a person whose been trying to sell himself in public- our Congressman now. I can’t believe the parallelism with Senator Obama's credentials. I caught myself admiring to yet another winner being made.
I always loved History and Political Science. I remembered insisting to attend caucuses with my Mom even at a young age. I have been a great admirer of my Uncle- a Political Analyst. I thought he did a great job for every elections and yes, he's always right with all his judgements. One election, the Mayor won for just one vote.
My husband said, politics is all about BS. I don’t think so. I always believed politics is an art, a power that should be taken cared of for the fullness of humanity. Furthermore, I believed the importance of studying History- for the humankind to be able to learn from their mistakes.

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Maya said...

I hope everyone thinks like you. sad to say some take is as an art to con.which it should never be.
bravo pa rin..syo.
Ganda ng photo it goes so well with the article.

Salamat said...

thanks, gurl! nakakatunaw, lols!