Thursday, June 19, 2008


I have worked in a call center for almost a year before I came here. It’s basically a technical support. Obviously, we deal with people who have complains and pretty much pissed off at the products; more so, when they are being put on hold for a long time. I enjoyed the job most of the time except when I had an irate client. I understand their frustrations as it's said on the label- "plug and play".
When I arrived here - I was a bit hesitant at people smiling at me in almost every place. I had the different impression, sorry. I was terribly shy at every gathering or even just meeting with the families and friends. I was terrified of speaking to other people—but not to Filipinos.
Filipinos to me have always been warm, friendly, and loud. Yes, right. Filipino parties, were always filled with laughter, karaoke and dancing (my husband would rather call it a Mexican party). I guess it’s safe to say that being around other Filipinos was a shelter for me—the only kind of people I felt comfortable enough to not be embarrassed around. Is it insecurity? I don’t think so. I believe, I’m still trying to grasp the whole culture or what they call “Western” culture.

So I guess I’m just so grateful I have found new friends here. We are- what we call “interracial marriage”.

Some people interpret it differently. Oh well, I’m happy and that’s far more important. Why not enjoy the best of both worlds? A Filipina in a Western world :)

4 Grateful Heart's Words:

chris said...

You are adjusting. Once your over your adjustment period then you'll be talking to every one. Main thing about all of this is that be yourself...

Salamat said...

Thanks for the advice... i'm doing fine and yes, I believe...I always have that "take me or leave me" motto... maybe it's not that good or maybe not- hey, it's just me:)

Shiela said...

It is nice to have friends around. Saya! Especially pinoy. I've been here in UK for 7 years but I don't have a close English friend. So don't worry.
With pakialameras don't mind them. Inggit lang sila :)

Salamat said...

hahaha! yeah, right :) thanks, girl!