Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Discovering Art

It was very impressive watching the show on TV- The Filipino Channel about the Coconut Palace. At the same token, it's a little bit funny how it all started. The Palace was initially built by former First Lady Imelda Marcos for Pope John Paul II's visit in 1981 but the Pope declined the offer. He said it was too much a place to stay for a poverty-stricken Philippines. Filipinos, they said are very hospitable. Maybe so. I remembered whenever we have guests that would stay for few days at our house, we all have to sleep outside on the floor. The guests would occupy the room. We always have the better meals or maybe not for us but for the guests. The new bed sheets and pillows will get out from the closet for a while, hahaha!

As the host's show described the whole masterpiece of an art and architecture; it made me wonder so much about the significance of coconut. When I was in Taiwan, I have been amazed by the bamboo. It's everywhere as it is part of their lifestyle- the chop sticks.
Anyway, according to Wikipedia:
"The Coconut Palace is made of several types of Philippine hardwood, coconut shells, and a specially engineered coconut lumber apparently known as Imelda Madera. Each of the suites on the second floor is named after a specific region of the Philippines and displays some of the handicrafts these regions produce. It is shaped like an octagon (the shape given to a coconut before being served), the roof is shaped like a traditional Filipino salakot or hat. Some of its highlights are the 101 coconut shell chandelier, and the dining table made of 40,000 tiny pieces of inlaid coconut shells. Highlighted as one of the CCP’s most striking structures for its architecture and interiors, the palace celebrates the coconut as the ultimate “Tree of Life”. From the coconut's roots to its trunk, bark, fruit, flower and shell, the palace's design, form and ornamentation echo these elements."
Another coconut wonder, huh? Very creative, really.

3 Grateful Heart's Words:

Da Old Man said...

That is so interesting.

Thank you.

Karen said...

That looks like a beautiful place.

the donG said...

we share the same experience everytime we visit our titos and titas they will all be sleeping outside for us to occupy the rooms.

i never visited the coconut palace but i saw it when it became a pit stop to amazing race.