Friday, June 13, 2008

Flip and Flop

(picture courtesy of TravelBlog)

It’s back to school in the Philippines once again. I still remembered the smell of new notebooks, pens, bags and shoes when I was in grade school. I’m the only one that wears shoes in school then. I’m jealous at my classmates who only wear flip flops. It was a public school and wearing shoes is optional. During rainy days, I know my teacher is pissed at me because of the mud it brought to the room but it was my Mom who kept putting those shoes on, hahaha!
When I came here, my husband kept teasing me of wearing flip flops most of the time even winter. Then, we read something about how dangerous it is to the health.
“Flip-Flops are OK in Moderation, but Wearing Them Too Often Can Prove to Have Adverse Long-Term Effects”ABC News

Well, it’s not only moderation to us. It isn’t a fashion but a prime necessity to us; basically because it’s the cheapest one can buy. Some even cannot afford flip-flops and just go to school barefoot.
One time, I was in the mall (Cagayan de Oro, Phils) I was so shocked to know that those ladies I saw gathering together (like shells) outside one of the boutiques were waiting for their flip flops. When asked, how much each-they said it’s $20. Holy Molly! That’s about an ordinary worker can earn in a week! Wow! That was funny. I guess, the trend had started.

3 Grateful Heart's Words:

Fernando C. Zamora said...

mee too.. every school opening when all are busy preparing for their first day in classes, a part of my psyche would bring me back to my first days during my elementary days... i would remember how i was made by my lola to wear a navy blue boyscout uniform when in fact the new one was dark green... but i never cared then... i only laugh when i recall those days...

Salamat said...

hahaha, those good old, days! Filipinos are really taught to look back and I believe it's a good thing... we just appreciate all the more what we had been given:)

Davide said...

I think that is better go barefoot then use flip-flop, I bought some when i was in Australia but I've never wear it... I was every day barefoot and now I still doing it in Switzerland.