Tuesday, June 24, 2008

All Too Familiar

When I worked in Taiwan, our General Manager called for a meeting one morning. He sounded so disappointed. Later on, he told us- how the Philippines’ economy soared up in Asia moving past Japan and even Taiwan- 15 years ago. It was a bit insulting for us- Filipinos who were there at the meeting but of course that was the whole intention of the meeting. Oh well, it’s reality. What happened? That was his question. Then, he continued- it’s laziness. Is it really?
There are loopholes in every society and culture. Generally, it’s not laziness. It’s the kind of conditioning that people are being brought up with. It’s sad to know that we are sort of 50 years behind from any advanced civilization. Most Filipinos hate change. When Americans came to help the country, most politicians thought we’re going to be a slave again. Okay, I don’t blame my ancestors. They suffered a lot during the Spanish colony. Bottomline, it’s the selfishness of power. They don’t want anybody to control the Filipinos again. Yes, we got our freedom from Spaniards and escaped from the Japanese. Americans have helped us to stand on our own. We were doing well somehow.

After 110 years of Independence, there’s not much difference at all. Philippines is still suffering from poverty (sigh).

3 Grateful Heart's Words:

Hailey's Beats and Bits said...

hi. i like your entry here. I am in constant thoughts about it, too. and i realized that
1. pinoys have this mentality of "there's something better out there" so they leave the country and search for opportunities out of the phil, leaving it drained and . i cannot blame them, we lack opportunities here.thus, the brilliance and skills are used in other countries.
2. we have this "culture of poverty" which i think boils down to: what other countries' have is better than ours or ours is pathetic/mediocre than what other nationalities have. thus, we look down on our capabilities.
so who are left to stay here and make it a better place? none already. that is sad, which brings back to the cycle of: left behind because most good ones serve other colors, countries or the richer people.

Salamat said...

yes, girl! sad and true... no matter what type of jobs, Pinoys just grab the opportunities coz it's a lot harder to survive in a country that only pays for the food on the table and it's not even enough when emergency comes:(

Hailey's Beats and Bits said...

blogrolled you already. exchange?