Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend Updates and Awards

There’s nothing special about our weekend except we had accomplished a lot of things. The things that we always put aside. Jim had finished the mantle, cleaned the garage and I had cleaned my closet and the utensils on the kitchen. When I arrived here, the housekeeper asked me if I would want her put all my clothes after drying. I’m not comfortable with that and I don’t want to be so bossy- so I always do it myself. After several months I find myself spoiled (wink) and busy. Yet, I still I can’t tell Rosa about some other things. That’s fine though. So, yeah I did some spring cleaning- put aside all the winter clothes and cleaned my desk. And oh, did I say I’m addicted to my new hobby- the mosaics? I have been going back & forth to the craft store yesterday for some supplies^-^.

Anyway, I don’t want to spend money for the Pacquiao boxing that I just called my Mom. She told me it had not started yet. After few minutes of talking, I just heard- it’s over! Wheew! That was quick. I bet most of those who watched on the movie theaters or restaurants didn’t even finish their pop corn or beers. I just watched it on YouTube though.

Finally, a great “Thank You” for Duni from “Lovely Purses” for this beautiful award “Works of the Heart”. Ladies, if you haven’t checked out her blog- I think you better do. Her blog had a parade of those cute, beautiful and unique make-up bags and purses- made by her. Truly an artist.

Another big “Thank You” to Chuck of “Secondary Roads” for another- One Lovely Blog Award. There have been thousands of existing blogs but I have some favorites. His blog is one of them. Its contents are both witty and very informative. You may check it out yourself:))


2 Grateful Heart's Words:

chubskulit said...

Congrats! Got here from Kuya Mel's house..

Duni said...

Thank you for your kind words :)