Wednesday, May 27, 2009

And Still In Love

It was a long holiday weekend for us. Our Sunday date was sweeter than ever. It was our second wedding anniversary. I always feel like we just got married. They said that things will turn sour after few months, but for us – our love is just getting sweeter and stronger everyday. Well, what could be better than to get a card that says “If my life is a pie, you are the biggest slice”? Sweet words always soften one’s heart. The necklace with palm pendant (engraved with diamonds) was sure a gorgeous gift too^-^.

Marriage, brings out a lot of surprises, they said – good or bad – between two people. I am surprised at how I genuinely enjoy being a wife, even if that means having to follow two steps behind sometimes. I was surprised to learn that I find contentment in doing things for my husband – just because. I have learned to be a better communicator just as much as he pointed that issue to my face. I really appreciate the way he respects my "Catholic" faith and how he takes time to doubt about it. I realized our imperfections could not outweigh our common grounds, at least there is^-^. Well, there's a lot really. He is the one that I've been hoping and praying for. Someone whom I know I can pour everything and I can surface effortlessly without being scared of rejections. And we became the best of friends. Yes, I take a lot of pride in who he is and what he does. It is something that I always knew I’d need from my man. I know I am strong by myself but I also need an anchor.

4 Grateful Heart's Words:

Debbie said...

Shawie, I just love your heart. I'm sure your husband feels honored to have you as his wife. You see the good in him and allow him to be himself. I can tell you two will have a good and long marriage, God willing.

BTW, I met a really neat blogger from the Philippines named Pia. Here's a link to her blog: She also has such a kind heart. I thought of you when I've read her comments.

Jena Isle said...

Wow, that's very sweet of him. I'm glad you appreciate what you have. You'll always be happy with that kind of attitude.

As you grow more familiar with each other, it would become more difficult to appreciate the good in each of you. But it's not impossible.

I, too, didn't believe older couples who told me, soon , the romance would be gone from my marriage, after a couple of years. I was so in love then, so I NEVER believed that it would happen.

But it's the natural course of things. We grow old and even our physiologic functions , change too because of this.
I can say that the "omance", I once knew was gone, but if true love is there, the love would even grow more stronger.

We no longer get "sparked" by the mere touch of a hand- as we used to, hubby doesn't "carry" me anymore, nor date me in places we used to go to, but we content ourselves now, with just holding hands, just being together at home, etc. This may seem unromantic, but the simplicity of the activities had made us stay in love.

Stay happy and all the best.

""rare*jonRez"" said...

oh Shawie... i wish you more joy and peace and do stay in love forever!

happy wedding anniversary to you and your hubby. God bless you with more blissful years ahead.

Shawie said...

thank you ladies^-^ I really do appreciate your sweet words...