Friday, May 22, 2009

Caught in Film

Every picture tells a story. I can’t help but stop and look at this picture of ladies doing the laundry. I was laughing hysterically when my husband told me the story behind this simple photo taken 10 years ago in Boracay.

He was looking around at the beach resort where he was staying at. Then, he was so surprised looking at these ladies.

“What the heck are they doing to my clothes?” he wondered.

The resort manager said that’s how they do the laundry. There’s no washer and dryer in that resort. It was pretty shocking to him then. But he said all the clothes came in clean, well-ironed and smelled fresh.

It very much reminded me of my childhood days. The whole supply of water is not enough for the whole community especially during summer. So, we have this place- a tank full of water with only one faucet. All neighbors go there to fetch water and do their laundry. Most housewives will do their laundry together and listen to the drama-series or some sort of soap opera in their favorite radio station. Eventually, every conversation lead to gossips.

Oh well, what else can you expect from people who just lived all their lives in a small island with no TV?


2 Grateful Heart's Words:

""rare*jonRez"" said...

ahahaha! right! those conversations that lead to gossips-- they're what made laundry time in either a deep well or a flowing river so much fun. i think wives play those roles the most! ang drama sa bombo radyo dayon maoy permi atangan! ahahaha! funny and simple living, indeed!

pero ha, kudos to our way of doing the laundry jud. bisan kinamot pero hastang limpyoha jud bitaw. asa ra sa washer nga naay mga stain nga di makuha. hehe...

Anonymous said...

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