Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Choosing to Live and Love

Life goes on whether we like it or not,
We cannot turn back the hands of time.
For my 30 years of existence,
I have come to know the different types of people.
I’ve met some men who are very passionate and gentle,
Men who are selfish and rude,
I’ve seen smiles full of untruthfulness,
And tears wet with truths.

I’ve met women who are intelligent, humble and caring,
I’ve met women who are envious, jealous and unhappy,
Women who are helplessly insecure and hateful,
I’ve witnessed the tears of a heart-broken woman,
I’ve seen faces of older people who just wanted to be touched,
I have known my parents to be who they are,
And respected their judgments because I choose them,
And I believed they did the best they can.

I’ve found myself learning the reality of living,
An inner part of me longed to always meet people
Who believe in life’s passion,
Of being grateful,
Of being so sincere,
Of being so forgiving,
Of being so selfless,
And above all, I long to know those few people
Who really know what love is,
And how to be a loving person
Where friendship and love are far more important.

4 Grateful Heart's Words:

Emotionally Entertaining said...

Hello Sha,
just want to ask if you're from Camiguin? i stumbled with your clip and watched the video you posted in ur profile :D. pano ba mag edit ng video? hehehe...sensya na..


Warren Baldwin said...

Thank you for your recent visit at Family Fountain / Bible Fountain and you nice comments on the marriage article. Please visit again!

I like your pictures on this post and the poem. "I’ve seen smiles full of untruthfulness,
And tears wet with truths." There is a lot of truth and meaning in those words captured very succinctly. Good job. wb

Salute said...

Such a nice poem. And only if we could turn back the hands of time. I know I would do some things differently.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Wonderful poem expressing the sentiments of your hearts and soul. Those are learned experiences culled from years of active living among people of diverse character. We learn from them in the school of life in which we live in. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.