Friday, May 29, 2009

For Love of the Game

I was enjoying the fresh strawberries last night while watching the “Do or Die” game of Cleveland Cavaliers. They were up by 23-point on the first quarter but was down to 6 entering the second half. It was amazingly a one-man game of LeBron James, turning in his first triple-double of the 2009 postseason with 37 points, 14 boards and 12 assists. Ah, that was so fascinating.

Anyway, Lakers had done a great job last Wednesday. They had executed the triangle offense beautifully. I always loved watching the “pick and roll” strategy. Kobe Bryant, displayed big heart and leadership.

I would love to see the two teams on the finals^-^.

2 Grateful Heart's Words:

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Jena Isle said...

Hello Shawie,

I used to watch basketball too when the likes of Sonny Jaworski and Arnaiz played in the courts. Halata ba ang edad? lol.

But nowadays , I could hardly watch as I'm most of the time in the internet - preparing my materials for work, writing or blogging. And now I found out that I could actively interact with friends all over the world through facebook.

I hope there are more than 24 hours a

Keep writing.