Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Almost There

My husband and I are getting tired of the whole renovations. Unfortunately, it took over 3 months to finish it all. Hopefully, next week we’ll have all the recarpeting done and the wrought iron stairs will be finished. We’re planning to put the kitchen renovations on hold. All we want right now is a peaceful, comfortable house. The great news though is we both loved our new steam shower. It’s excellent specially that I had the rain shower, lol! We may not have rains here in CA but at least, I had rain showers twice a day (wink).

1 Grateful Heart's Words:

TitansFan said...

That shower is really picturesque! I couldn't stand having a bathroom in the works for very long so I got a freestanding steam shower. It was really easy to install and the features in my Steam Shower are way out there. Really nice shower!!