Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Four Degrees of Prayer

The Lord showed me that there are four degrees of prayer that are applicable to your life. The first is the Prayer of Strength. It comes when you begin to realize that God is your Father and you’ve got this vacuum in your heart. You’re full of sin, you’re full of anxieties and frustrations, and you have nowhere to go. The thirst you have gives you a sense of repentance, which enables you to “open the door” to God’s heart. Then once you repent, comes a prayer of the heart.

The Prayer of the Heart looks at God with a humble heart saying, “Lord I leave everything to Your will. I love You enough to accept all the nos and all the yesses. The Prayer of the Heart demonstrates a deep commitment that you are going to live a Christian life no matter the temptations or obstacles

The next prayer is the Prayer of the Mind, where you begin to examine yourself. This is where dryness comes in—that kind of empty feeling where you sense that God is far away and He’s not listening. Did you ever feel that way? It’s a good sign because it calls us to rise to a higher spiritual level. The Prayer of the Mind helps us dig into our own conscience and rid ourselves of all the junk.

And finally there is the Prayer of the Soul, when you feel a very deep presence of God, a deep sense of love. You begin to sense God’s presence in your neighbor. It’s the Father in you loving Jesus in your neighbor. That’s the highest form of prayer, because it’s unceasing.
---Mother Angelica, Little Book of Life's Lessons and Everyday Spirituality


4 Grateful Heart's Words:

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

What a wonderful article on prayer. Prayer is our communication lines to God as if we're talking with Him on the telephone. Thanks for sharing with us the four degrees of prayer. They are so inspirational. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Debbie said...

How beautiful this is, Shawie. I participate in a meme on Tuesdays. Each week we receive a quote and we each write about that quote. This week's quote is about when you pray and pray and don't feel like God is answering. They asked if your faith is tested during those times. It sounded a bit like your message here which is a good response. I will be posting on this tomorrow on Heart Choices. You have such a beautiful heart and it overflows to others. May God bless you.

Maria@Conversations with Moms said...

Beautiful and so true. I've experienced all forms of prayer in one way or another.

This was a great spiritual journey.

Salute said...

Awesome post!