Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Art of Simplicity

Simplify, simplify, focus, focus… that’s the lesson I have learned when I was in college. The Math problem can be tricky. The problems are sometimes stated in a confusing way but if you’ll learn the art of simplifying- then identifying the real problem and working on the solution will get easier and easier.

Dealing with real-life problems is just like that to me. I always go through the basic principles and simplify things. However, as I get older- things are presented to me in different ways. The solutions that once solved my problems were not working anymore.

And who was there to the rescue? It was my dear husband. I admire his clarity despite the mixed emotions involved. I’m so impressed at how good he’s able to detach himself on issues. He’s very good at simplifying things and identifying the real concern. You know, when you’re mad, you lose focus, you lose ground and you become unreasonable and yet, he remained so focused. Yes, he’s my diplomatic best friend and a great coach^-^. I think that’s one big reason why we only had a number of fights after 2 years of marriage (not that long but it’s the most critical years of marriage, right?)

Having a simple mind is not the same as being simple-minded. Simplicity of mind is revealed in clearness of thought. As André Conue-Sponville described it:
"The simple person lives the way he breathes, with no more effort or glory, with no more affectation and without shame., . . Simplicity is freedom, buoyancy, transparency. As simple as the air, as free as the air.... The simple person does not take himself too seriously or too tragically. He goes on his merry way, his heart light, his soul at peace, without a goal, without nostalgia, without impatience. The world is his kingdom, and suffices him. The present is his eternity, and delights him. He has nothing to prove, since he has no appearances to keep up, and nothing to seek, since eveiything is before him. What is more simple than simplicity? What lighter? It is the virtue of wise men and the wisdom of saints".

2 Grateful Heart's Words:

juno said...

i love simplicity...simplicity is the essence of life...

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Your husband has the right approach to situations and that is maintaining the attitude of detachment so that he could see things clearly without any emotions or preconceived ideas involved. Reducing things to its simplest form is the best way to solve one's problem. Learning to be simple also reduces the problem of stress due to unmet goals in life. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.