Thursday, June 18, 2009

Whine & Grapevine

I had mentioned few months ago on my excitement of enrolling myself in a gym. My husband had warned me concerning the financial trouble I might encounter along the way. Yet, I was optimistic and jumped right into the wagon. The receptionist gladly assisted me with my application. My first question was of course, if I wanted to cancel my membership- can I do it anytime? Yes, sure! Okay, so I signed the contract for one month but I had to pay 2 months in advance. In case I’ll cancel my membership, they’ll give me a credit for that.

Anyway, I sent a letter to them 2 months ago requesting for my membership’s cancellation. They replied and even called me that I’m getting a credit come May 21st. Much to my surprise, I didn’t get the credit but instead, my credit card was charged. Oh my, oh my. My husband is right- they don’t make it easy for me:(

Now, I caught myself frustrated with the whole process, especially after reading all the online reviews of Bally’s Total Fitness. Geeee…, one customer was even sent to collections for not paying the bill after her request for cancellation. Darn, I learned my lesson.

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