Monday, June 29, 2009

Goodbye My Love

This is what Pia remembers telling Francis on his deathbed: “I forgive you for anything— anything that you haven’t asked me to forgive you for.! I know you love me, and I’m also sorry if there’s anything that I did to offend you... I thank you for all you did for the family. The children thank you... Your country loves you so much. You did so much...! I know you love me and I love you so much...”

Repeatedly—she told him “You’re my only love. You’re the only one I really loved.”

Finally, she said: “If you have to go, you go now. You rest, you rest, ha. You rest for you can go home.”

When she had run out of words to say, she sang to him. She sang one of his compositions. Then it was time. She watched him go.

My heart goes to Francis Magalona’s widow, Pia and to the family. At the same token, I so much admired her strength and her clarity amidst the unimaginable storm any wife could ever handle and a Mom of 8 kids. She’s a brave woman, indeed. I have more respect of her even if I never met her at all.

I’m glad I read her interview of Yes! Magazine. As she had said, she doesn’t want to think highly of herself (brain-wise) but I do. She’s one of those women who have conquered one of the toughest evil in this world: depression.

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""rare*jonRez"" said...

Aww... I got goosebumps reading Pia's words. Indeed, she loved like no other! Their relationship is incomparable, too. I think when there's acceptance, depression will in no way be able to stay in her. And it's all because of her healthy heart and mind. She knows the road to happiness and she chose to take such road. She is indeed a woman of strength and I admire her a lot, too!