Thursday, June 18, 2009

House Renovations

The flowers in the backyard had started to bloom. Too bad, there’s only a few of them left since the bunnies had slowly eaten them. After a lot of thinking of whether we’re going to replace the other bushes in our patio, we finally decided to plant jasmine. That was after 2 years of taking care and spraying- hoping that the aphids will go away. Well, the new plants are looking so nice now. It may not be that fabulous but it’s quiet green.

On the other hand, the house renovations had finally come to an end. But still, we have painters in the house doing the entire prime. It’s a little expensive but we don’t do it often. So far, so good. It looked like a new house now. The downside though is we will be receiving the new custom-made draperies in a few days. I was a little excited coz I hoped it’s sewed properly this time. They’re replacing it for some poor work. In short, we’re going to do all those ironing, taking the valance away, and putting it all together in the right height. Ah, such a pain.

All in all, I loved all the outcome. I love sitting by the fireplace (in our bedroom) looking through the window and watching the birds hopping from one tree to another. Hey, it's very green outside!

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