Monday, June 8, 2009

Life Well Lived

When I came back to my hometown for a vacation, I was so impressed at the new Municipal building. The whole project was completed at the span of 6 years. You might think it’s a long time to finish a building but at least, its well- furnished and done as planned. You know, I was only 11 years old when they start building our Municipal gymnasium. Until now, the building is almost destroyed long before it’s completed. Ah, politicians!

(this is inside the gym)
Well, our previous Mayor (my Mom’s Boss) is such a very honest man. Is there still an honest politician that exists? Yes, of course. He used to be our school Supervisor (grade school). I remembered how my school teacher just hide through the bushes and off to the back gate (with a hole on it). She’s always late and our Supervisor is always outside his office after flag ceremony. He’s been a disciplinarian not only to his colleagues but to his family and to himself. He was already on his 70’s when he became the Mayor. He became intolerant sometimes and just shouts when he’s pissed. He is known to be a “trash picker”. You can hear him screaming at kids when they just throw their trash anywhere. Maybe he doesn’t know how to separate himself from others -he’s being so disciplined. He wakes up so early in the morning and visits his farm before he goes to his office by 7AM. He certainly doesn’t associate with other politicians and if there’s some funds that should have been a personal one- he just want it saved for the municipal funding in case of emergency.

One time, they were on a convention in Manila. He never stayed in a hotel when he travels. So, he doesn’t know anything about the key hole that serves as the switch. For the whole night, it was so dark for him and he never asked. One friend dropped by and asked why it’s so dark? He said- he’d no clue! Okay, you might think it’s funny but I guess, he belonged to the older generation. He’s very strict, very disciplined and stingy. They said, that’s how they were being taught during the Spanish era. His kids are all successful now but still he remained so humble and never settles for luxuries or comforts.

Oh well, does he deserve an award? Of course! He won National awards. He’s the Most Honest politician I have ever met. A picture of a man who had lived his life to the fullest- filled with full passion, service and integrity!


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Mhar's Display said...

How I wish all politicians are like him.