Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Simple Touch of Friendship

I was up half-awake this morning when I heard a text message on my iPhone. I was a bit confused with my friend’s message. She told me that she invited 2 of our other common friends to come over their house because she and her husband had a fight and she thought they can’t settle the problems themselves. Oh okay, maybe they can help them sort it out, I thought. So, I went back to bed. It was around 8. Two hours later, I was fully awake and so I replied to her to calm down- it’s not the end of the world and asked her how things were going. Did D&M helped them feel better? Instead I got a reply that her son was so powerful. He let her hug and kiss his Dad. He even told his Dad that his Mom felt sorry for what happened. She was laughing teary-eyed but a little pissy when her son was making some story (telling his Dad that she felt sorry), haha! Okay, it was a petty misunderstanding that even a 6-year old boy can meddle, I guessed. She’s so lucky to have a son that is so smart, sensitive and very concern. I told my husband about the series of text messages and he thought it was funny. He even told me to send a text message to her and tell her that he’s coming too and he’s with her husband’s (side) and he’s bringing Jake with him, lol!

Another good news I came across was a bulletin (Friendster) from a dear friend way back in college. She was so overjoyed to announce that her husband just recently passed the Deck Marine Officers Board Exam. Being a Chief mate in a big ship is such a huge responsibility. The amazing part though was she’s so grateful that her husband can now bring more money into the family since their oldest son is going to be in college in the next semester. Wow! She already got a college son at her mid 30’s. How time flies! I remembered visiting in her apartment with her little kids playing around while she was struggling to pass her exams and hoping to finish college. I’m so happy for her. A loyal wife and very dedicated Mom.

Well, I’m not done with more good news though. A close friend in VA delightedly announced to me (in a voicemail) that she already gave birth to a healthy baby girl. She had dreamed of having a big family (the exact opposite of me) and now she already had 2 kids. I’m so happy for her too!

Oh, the magic of friendship always bring sanity.

3 Grateful Heart's Words:

""rare*jonRez"" said...

indeed shawie! the magic of friendship keeps us sane. i even traded the $10 worth of opps this morning just because i had so much fun chatting with a friend whom i am so happy for because i just learned that she just got married to an australian and they now has a condo unit in makati and she has stopped working and so on and so forth. gosh! i realized how sayang my $10 opps but heck, the joy of keeping in touch with a friend and how much fun and laughter we could share, not to mention the encouragement shared is simply... priceless! haha! nag master-card pa? lol makapag-visa na nga! :D

regards shawie!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hearing good news from your friends will always bring joy into your own heart. That's what friends are for- to share the joys and the hurts that only true friendship can understand. Thanks for the wonderful post. God bless you always.

Mohan Rajoriya said...


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