Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm Feeling Lucky Today!

I have read a very striking life story today from a brave lady. Thank you so much, Jackie for sharing the pieces of yourself so candidly. I’m very humbled. May your tribe be blessed forever! You can check it out (The Painted Veil) yourself if you have by chance a time to spare. It’s a story of struggle and triumph and it’s worth your time.

I realized that the best thing to move on so freely is to share your life and your story. We all have a story to share, pieces of ourselves that reflects who we are today and yet it’s deeply defined by our past. I remembered being very inquisitive as a kid (well, until now). I don’t stop looking, observing, learning and living. I gave up the notion that “Life is Not Fair” long time ago and it will never be. Instead, I started making peace with myself, being contented of what I’m given and do whatever I can in harmony to my own limitations and strengths. Above all, I trust God and I see His light in the real world on all His creations, on all people and things that I come to live with in my every day existence :)

Anyway, the worker handed me a green box this morning. He said it was outside the porch. I don’t usually go through the front door and so I missed my St. Patrick’s package from IZEA. Yey! That’s very sweet of them and I can't help but share my joy with you guys.

Inside were St. Patrick’s Day shirt, some fun green swag, Blu Frog Energy Drink (energy drink loaded with Vitamins). Yes, I’m feeling lucky!
If you're not familiar with IZEA, check it out here. I had earned 2 grand from writing reviews:) Sound familiar? In a way, they had helped me save some money to buy some canned goods and rice to send to the Philippines.

7 Grateful Heart's Words:

Debbie said...

Congratulations!!! I love it when nice people get rewarded and you certainly are one! And thanks for the heads up about IZEA. I guess we could all use some extra cash nowadays. I'm going to check them out.

Alicia said...

What a fun thing to get in the mail. Thanks again for your wonderful positive attitude. It's catchy! :)

Nortehanon said...

Wow! Kelan kaya merong mamimigay ng mga ganyan dito sa pinas? ;)

Will check on the Painted Veil's site. Mukhang interesting.

Scotty's Princess said...

You are indeed one lucky soul, Sis! Congratz for that IZEA stuffs!

I must agree with you. Jackie is a truly remarkable lady. She is an epitome of a woman that's wounded, struggled but got up courageously with a heart so brave. After reading her post at early dawn today, I had a difficult time finding the words for a comment at her blog. Words wouldn't suffice and would never do justice. My heart winced but I am all hats off to her for being the woman that she is!

goldensparks said...

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B said...

$2K is awesome! I can't imagine making that much! Congrats on the goodies!

Blu Frog said...

Just read your post and saw where you were a lucky recipient of the IZEA shamrockin' swag bag/box. After reading through your site, I'd say you deserved something nice in the mail. Hope you liked the Blu Frog! :)